My success as a tour guide with the highest TripAdvisor designation, the “Traveler’s Choice,” is based on my philosophy that people who book my tours are not “tourists” but sophisticated world travelers and honored guests of New York City.

I have crafted a unique “full immersion” approach to my tours: presenting the history and facts of my beloved city in the context of how natives like me live, work, get around, socialize and spend our free time.

For example, did you know that we New Yorkers have an unspoken sidewalk etiquette for getting around on foot and what it is?

Or why steam comes out of New York manhole covers?

Or why New York bagels are the best?

Or that New Yorkers consider traffic lights simply a suggestion as to when to cross the street?

Or how many subway lines New York has and why some have numbers and other letters?

Or why New York is referred to as “The Big Apple”?

Or how many restaurants New York has or where to find best prix fixe luncheon value not only in New York but in the entire country?

Or that Coney Island is considered the birthplace of the hot dog and why?

Or that Truman Capote’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is not about Tiffany’s at all with the store getting only a passing mention in the book?

Or where to get the best espresso/cappuccino?

Or how to find a bathroom in New York when you need one but there seems to be none around?

You’ll learn these and other fun facts no matter which of my full immersion tours you take.